GSBAM : the Business Activity Monitoring Solution
This application allows implement automatic checking rules and manage the notification on any data of your information system.
This application, totaly customizable by the bank, allows to implement any kind of business rule such as "compliance checking" without any developement .
The software has 3 main components :
  • A simple user web API to store the rule, the messages notification, and recipient. The rule are basically implement through SQL request , but they also may implemented trough web-services or programs. A web-service could for instance send the customer valuation to a manager, based on his customer meeting schedule
  • A rules engine: Which may be invoke either by database trigger, on demand, or by a scheduler (every 5mn, a closing time… It’s role is to apply a checks or processing on modified data
  • The third component is the hit management with notification and reporting with false positive handling

notification samples:

  • Warning, order number 2015 1 005000 is on a German hedge fund for a German Customer, Please check fiscal impact
  • Portfolio 10.200101_0 has been created with "advisory manadate" and owner resides in France
  • Portfolio 10.200198_0 has been valuated with up to date rates, JPY exposure is now greater than 10%

The high level of demand from bankers customers, the need to control costs, the complexity of the processes and the large number of often heterogeneous applications in the information system of the Swiss banks are all criteria that call for the establishment of a modern and efficient system management interfaces. The simplicity, the power (Integrated EAI, ESB, Workflow, Report generator, Web Screen generator …) and the pricing of the Blueway BPM make it the ideal tool to address the integration issues of these institutions. Our expertise in banking, software integration and databases is an advantage to ensure the quality of the implementation of this solution. Our Apsys (SunGard trademark) expertise also allows fast and efficient integration.

Graphical Valuation Document

The tools allows to select which valuation information to show and to generate "responsive" document. The difference between a pdf document and these html5 document it that they are 100% mobile device compliant, and nicely responsive;. It is also possible to add comment inside the doc. Those documents are single html files and do not require any internet connection to be read.

Sample: Valuation