GANSOFT provides its Swiss customers expertise in integrating information systems.
The medical imaging solution integrate open source software in a local secure server (encrypted database, redundant array of disks, encrypted communication)
The Blueway BPM and the GSBAM application allow us to respond in a very short time to integration issues such as:
  • On line Auditing / Business Rule Checker/ BAM
  • Definition and organization of new processes
  • Business rules and compliance “on the flow” checking
  • Setting up task-list, subscription
  • Presentation( report, charts), interactive aggregation, simulation
  • Automation, administration and optimization of existing processes
  • Inter-application exchange.
  • Establishing single repository (ETL, MDM)
  • Data Migration
  • Complex rules management (BRMS CEP)
  • Replication and Redundancy
  • Standard Interchange (EDI)
  • Mobile terminals, connected or not
  • Centralized Supervision and exploitation (BAM)
  • Cloud Implementation

The “per-process” pricing ensures a good ROI regardless of the level of use of the platform.
The ergonomics of the platform will allow you to keep and improve control of your information.
We can implement POC in a very short time to demonstrate our effectiveness.
Other expert services:
– Medical imaging management Solution
– Banking Back Office data exploitation and valorization (Apsys wide expertise)
– Global Automation and optimization of information system
RDBMS Migration
– Database optimization Oracle(c) / Mysql / Ingres ….
– Oracle DB administration (Dataguard, RMan …)
– HTML5 Document generator
– Consulting and integration on APSYS Banking Back-office database and operation processus